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Annual Report Card Day held in the courtyard of A.M. World School at Chandausi

Annual Report Card Day was held in the courtyard of A.M. World School at Chandausi

The Annual Report Card Day was celebrated on 31.03.2022 at A.M. World School, Moulagarh, Chandausi, in which annual examination results were distributed to the children of classes 9 and 11 from the class nursery, and meritorious students were honored with prizes and medals.

After receiving the results of the examination, the children expressed their happiness by jumping in the air.

Among the awardees, Class Nursery Shayan Zubair Ananya Singh in LKG, Mr. Malhotra, Maryam Khan in UKG, Tanishk Khurana, Aisha, Ananyasha, Drishti class in Class 1 Ayesha, Ananya, Drishti In Class 2, Reyansh Gole, Aarav Chauhan, Diksha Saini in East Class 3, Atharva Agarwal in Class 4, Saksham, Kriti, Avisha Goyal in Class 5, Ishan Gupta, Arham From Class 6, Kanishk Sharma, Nancy Raghav, Avika Gupta from Class 7, Vibha Chaudhary from Class 7, Shivam, Mahi Singh from Class 8, Bhavya Varshane, Anushka, Pranjal Bharti, Sanskriti Arora from Class 9, Daksh Agerwal, Piyush Kumar from Anya Class 11, Saloni Gupta have struck great success.

Speaking on the occasion, the founder of the school, Mr. Anup Mangalam wished the children a bright future and congratulated the awardees.

Principal Mr. Kuldeep Singh and all the staff were present on the occasion.

As reported by:

Anil Kumar Sagar

Senior Writer and Independent Journalist

(on special request by the school PR department)

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